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Turf Laying Guide

Getting Started

For best results turf needs to be laid on the same day as delivery. Before ordering your turf please carry out the following preparation.

  1. All existing vegetation should be killed using a glyphosate non-selective systemic herbicide, e.g. Roundup, carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions. Once all vegetation is dead (around 2 weeks) the area can be cleared and the ground prepared ready to lay the turf.
  2. The soil should be cultivated to about 6" or 15cm, to aerate the soil and minimise compaction. If the soil is very heavy mix in coarse sand or top soil to help drainage.
  3. Clear any stones and debris, then rake to produce a smooth level surface.
  4. Lightly roll or tread to produce a firm base on which to lay the turf.
  5. Water the ground before laying the turf as this encourages the turf to root quickly.
  6. Now you are ready to order your turf.

Turf Installation

Turf must always be laid within 24 hours in Autumn/Winter and immediately in the Spring/Summer months

Never walk directly on the prepared soil or newly laid turf, always use boards or planks.

  1. Start along the longest, straightest edge of the lawn area. Unrolling strip by strip ensuring that the underside of the turf has full contact with the soil.
  2. Lay the next strip from the opposite end and continue to work across the lawn in this manner producing a pattern similar to brickwork.
  3. Overlap the turf at row ends and cut neatly with a sharp knife or half moon lawn cutter. Avoid using small pieces of turf as these can dry out. Don't overstretch the turf.
  4. To avoid gaps water the turf immediately after installation and for the first 5 days.

Initial Aftercare

WATERING - Always water immediately after installation to ensure rapid establishment.

Grass only takes water via its roots - Soak the turf and soil below thoroughly with plenty of water. This needs to be repeated until the roots have penetrated the prepared soil below.

MOWING - Your turf needs to be mown regularly:

  1. Make sure your mower is in good condition with well maintained sharp blades.
  2. Never let the grass get too long before mowing as this may encourage disease.
  3. If the grass becomes overgrown, mow it down gradually over 3 - 4 mowings in a 10 day period. Never cut more than a third of the grass length in one cut.